A Jonathan Isaac Jackson Film

A short film about writer's block, sucidal condoms, and stick figures.


Neon Love In Pastel Colors

A filmmaker tells his story of finding love in an unconventional way.

About Team

Director's Manifesto

This film was created and shot in NOLA (New Orleans, LA), outside of "Hollywood South". I worte this film with the idea of utilizing a simple story using simple means. I have been on an 80's binge for the last year or so, so this film was influenced by John Hughes, Patrick Nagel, and John Carpenter, along with many others. In my mind, the whole thing happens in a place called "Neon City", my fictional version of a modern New Orleans that has heavy 80's overtones. But I couldn't explore Neon City because we didn't have a budget, and in order to finish, we didn't have time to focus on content or parts of production that couldn't be created with what we had exesting at the time. In the end, I believe the film is entertaining, and whether or not it is selected into any festival or if anyone sees it, I believe we are happy with what we've created, and have taken a good step towards creating a cool, substantial film community in NOLA.

Production Notes

The concept of "Neon Love In Pastel Colors" comes from an idea to create a film "universe" called Neon City that i could keep referring to and adding characters into. I'm not a comic book nerd, but to explain, it would be the same as the Marvel Universe, where there's Ironman in his own film, and Thor in his own, then, there's a film they both are in, "The Avengers". I hope to revisit the characters in other short films, and hopefully will have enough characters that are fleshed out enough to create a feature down the line, whether it be a combination of short films, or a feature that stands on its own. Neon City is New Orleans in the present day, but with 80's undertones stemming from art, films, music, and clothing. The story of "Neon Love In Pastel Colors" originally involved a story about writers block. Sonny is a screenwriter who writes screenplays for Rico, a low budget filmmaker. Sonny's life is lonely, and when he is asked what a dream girl in his latest screenplay looks like, he has no idea. From then on, the story becomes a sort of fantasy, where the drawing of a stick figure pops up, and apparently Sonny is the only one who can see her. In the end, the stick figure is a representation of Sonny's dream girl, and he is finally able to see this in real life, once he actually meets the representation of the stick figure he has seen previously. The script was changed to instead involve a singer (Rico) and a music video director (Sonny). The tones were switched a bit also so that the script could be shot efficiently, but we still believe that our vision was accomplished in part with the use of colors and cinephotography.